Rental Policy

An individual or group may rent the facility for a meeting, party, reception, or athletic practice/event for a rental fee. Individuals and/or groups paying a rental fee for the FLC have Basic use of the kitchen.


This includes the use of fridge, freezer, warmer, worktables & sinks.
Prepared food may only be warmed in this facility.

Ministries or small groups representing and approved in Redeemer Church or School have Ministry use of kitchen and do not pay fees.


Includes BASIC USE (use of fridge, freezer, warmer, worktables and sinks) PLUS standard ovens / stovetop, griddle, convection, and access to pantry.
Fryer and dish machine will need consent and may include additional fees.


A church member may host a benefit event for an individual and/or group for a fee of $100.00 for the FLC or $50.00 for cafeteria. This includes Ministry use of the kitchen but no pantry access.


An athletic rental will require a current certificate of liability insurance form with payment. Recurring rentals will require double first payment, staying one week ahead.


An athletic event that adds spectators will require an additional $10/hr added to hourly rates charged.

A deposit may be requested with rental request to hold date.

Cleanup is the responsibility of the individual/group themselves.


RLC funerals have priority over all other facility usage.

RLC reserves the right to adjust usage due to funeral events.

Equipment (i.e. chairs, tables, projectors) cannot be rented for use outside of our facilities.