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Please remember at this time there are no known cases of EBOLA in Ohio.

Summit County Public Health has released an excellent list of important considerations that parents need to know about Ebola that includes:

  • A risk for Ebola only comes when you come into close contact with a person suffering from Ebola.
  • Being near someone who is sick with Ebola doesn’t mean you’ll get infected. The disease isn’t contagious like the flu or common cold. You have to be in contact with a patient’s body fluids or blood, and you have to have a break in your skin or have the fluids touch your eyes, mouth or nose.
  • Ebola does not live long on surfaces or outside someone’s body. Soaps, detergents and hand sanitizers are effective at killing the virus. Keeping your area clean and washing your hands will help prevent infections.
  • You and your children are really only at risk if you have traveled to West Africa, where Ebola is currently spreading.

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