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What are the Top 10 Reasons
that parents choose
Redeemer Christian School?

Value for the Investment


At just $5000 for 3 year old pre-school through 8th grade, Redeemer Christian School is a sound investment in your child’s future. Annual registration fees cover local field trips, and there is no extra charge for technology or access fees. In addition, we offer financial tuition breaks for multiple children in a family, and for part-day preschool. We are also a proud Ed Choice approved, designated school.

Public School Busing Available


We currently have public school busing available to our campus daily from 5 local communities including Tallmadge, Woodridge, Cuyahoga Falls, Akron and Stow. We also offer before and after school care at reasonable rates.

Community Environment


Quoting a parent of 2 current students, “Redeemer Christian School is like a second home for our kids. The teachers and staff are like family.” Students enjoy a caring staff, involved church members and volunteers, all with the central goal of seeing students succeed. Events are offered seasonally, including musical events, family events, community involvement, and more.

Safe and Secure Environment


Redeemer has invested in keeping up with safety and security measures. Video monitored entrances, real-time monitoring of our security camera systems are among a host of safeguards to create a secure learning environment. Student safety is a top priority. Monitored building access and supervised outdoor activities are just 2 of the many best practices in place on our campus. We have worked hand in hand with city, county and state authorities as well as local law enforcement to be sure your child is safe.

Well-Rounded Education and Learning Opportunities


Redeemer is locally well known for its balanced learning experience. Core classes combined with Band, Choir, Art and Athletics are the standard. Eighth grade electronic distance learning prepared upper classmen for high school. Chapel is held weekly, and once a month, Chapel Families meet where Biblically based character education is a primary focus. Quoting a 3rd grade parent, “Redeemer understands the need for both academic and real life lessons, and they have a wonderful teaching staff equipped to achieve these goals.”

Individual Attention to Students


Redeemer staff views every student as a unique child of God. Each one brings their own personality, gifts, traits and talents to the classroom, and teachers engage students where they are. We focus on student success and are committed to providing the quality time and attention they need to learn. Your child is so much more than just a number or a test score.

Challenging Academic Curriculum


Students are challenged by teachers who care. Redeemer prides itself on providing a well-rounded education to all students. The “3 R’s” are still the top priority. We recognize the importance of each child becoming proficient in basic math, developing a love for reading, and being able to express themselves using the written word. We also recognize the importance of creative expression and training in both the Arts and Technology. We challenge each child to excel and to achieve more than they thought possible.

Small Class Sizes


Redeemer’s average class size is less than 20 students per class. Our current teacher: student ratio is 1:15. Class sizes are capped at 24. Don’t be fooled by small sizes though. Redeemer is BIG on opportunities for students to grow and get involved. Take it from a parent whose 3 children are proud RCS graduates, “I have truly been blessed to have my children spend their formative years at Redeemer Christian School! Redeemer has given my 3 children a wonderful spiritual foundation that has made the transition to high school so much easier.” Redeemer Christian School is proud of the fact that most years, one of our graduates is a local high school Valedictorian.

Caring, Professional Staff


We can’t say enough about our teaching staff. They care, they nurture, they challenge, they give, they love, they serve…the list continues! They are incredibly dedicated to the school, students and their families. Every teacher possesses the required professional certifications as required by the State of Ohio. Our collective teaching staff has well over 100 years of experience! Our 7th grade teacher put it this way, “It is such a joy to work with RCS kids every day. Praying with and for the students as they learn about God and His world is a privilege like no other!

And the #1 reason our parents chose Redeemer Cuyahoga Falls for their child's education is

Christ-Centered Education


In Matthew 19:14 – Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them.” Redeemer Cuyahoga Falls exists to fulfill the great commission given to us by Christ – to “make disciples of all nations.” We achieve this through an integration of faith in all aspects of our educational experience. Students enjoy weekly chapel services, led by local Lutheran pastors, staff, and the students themselves. Daily devotions and prayers are the norm. Whether you child is a 3 year old preschooler or an 8th grader ready to graduate to high school, our focus is on the academic, spiritual and social well-being of each child entrusted to our Christ-Centered school.

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