Red Letter Challenge

Red Letter Challenge

The mission of Red Letter Challenge is to help people live more like Jesus. The Red Letter Challenge believes that Jesus’ followers want to be the best we can be, not out of obligation, but out of gratitude for what Jesus has done for us!

So how do we change the story that we are telling?

We go back to Christ’s words. You know, those red letters in your Bible. It turns out he had a lot to say to His followers about what we are called to do and how we are called to live.

The Red Letter Challenge is unique because it takes Christ’s literal words and gives you practical daily challenges based on those words. The Red Letter Challenge will give you targets to shoot for to help you measure how you are practically following after Him.

The Red Letter Challenge will help you:

  1. Have a deeper relationship with Jesus.
  2. Receive God’s forgiveness in your life and give grace to others.
  3. Give you a greater heart of service.
  4. Help you become more generous.
  5. Give you confidence to speak about what Jesus has done in your life.

Are you ready to take the challenge?

During Lent, Redeemer members, friends, and family will have the opportunity to take the Challenge. Watch this space, and also bulletin announcements and Facebook, for more details each week.


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